How to write compelling copy for your website


Happy 2024!

Am I about to get drilled for it being too late to still be saying that?

Each to their own… I'll stop when I have no one else to say it to 😂



As we dive into a new year and wait for client work to pick up or for the kiddies to be back at school, I thought I would give you a few quick and actionable tips to help ensure your website language is hitting the mark ⬇️


How to Keep your Website Language on Point



Speak THEIR language, i.e. the language of your ideal client

As a website developer, I know my audience isn't going to be fluent in tech talk. That's exactly why they come to me – so I can help with all of the technical terms, processes and setups. Hence why I simplify my language and ditch the jargon wherever possible.

For instance, I might transform complex phrases like, “Our platform offers robust, scalable, and cloud-native solutions for seamless integration with APIs, allowing for agile development and micro services architecture” (🤢) into, “Our platform provides flexible tools that easily connect with other software, so you can build and adapt your projects quickly and efficiently”.

See the difference?

Keeping it simple ensures your ideal client not only stays engaged but also tells them, “Hey, I'm here to simplify and help clarify things so you're not overwhelmed and feel involved and comfortable in the process”.

When reviewing your content, ask yourself, "Would this make sense to someone who's never been exposed to my industry before?" No? Time to simplify, my friend.


Ease up on the exclamations!!!

I learned this the hard way (and maybe you did too)!!!! While enthusiasm is fantastic, drowning your content in exclamation marks can send the wrong message. It can seem sporadic or unprofessional, or just make you seem like a crazy lady. Keep it professional and sprinkle exclamation marks sparingly for that extra punch! 😉


Avoid clichés like the plague

Steer clearrrr of overused phrases like "industry-leading," "cutting-edge," or "revolutionary." Instead, showcase your achievements with concrete examples and evidence. Let your work do the talking without relying on worn-out clichés. Because let me tell you, every damn brand I come across on the internet is, “the first of its kind” or “the best in the world”. Where is the proof? Show, don't tell…


Crafting an online presence that resonates with your ideal client is an art form in itself, don't get me wrong. But these simple tweaks can make a world of difference to your online presence.


Why don't you try ditching the ChatGPT tech-talk, and start writing and creating with authenticity. It is guaranteed to build a more meaningful connection with your audience which means: more leads, more sales and less time worrying about if you can pay this weeks' bills.


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