I’m boycotting beige brands in 2024


THERE, I said it...

I don’t know about you, but I’m SO over seeing the SAME. BEIGE. BRANDS everywhere I turn 🤢

You know the ones I'm talking about... ⬇️


Seriously, though... Type 'Modern Beige Branding' into Pinterest and try to tell me that the search results aren't what you see every time you open Instagram or go searching for a brand to work with. You won't be able to.

And if you feel attacked right now, I'm genuinely sorry. I'm also sorry if you've invested in branding and this is what your designer has produced for you because it ain't it, sista.

And don't get me wrong, beige brands definitely have their place in the world. If this style of design is genuinely what aligns with your core identity then it shouldn't be a problem, until now. Every Tom, Dick and Harry has jumped on this beige brand trend and now you can't tell one brand apart from the next. And it's not only a big no, it's jeopardising your brand. Why?

Everyone I have spoken to about this dreaded trend has agreed with me on this:

As soon as I see a hint of this trend coming through from a brand, whether it be on socials or their website, I RUN in the other direction (🏃‍♀️ ⬅️ That is me physically running away from my computer). With all jokes aside, it actually gives me the ick when I see it. Where is your originality? Where is your unique selling point? If you look like every other brand in your industry, I'm sorry to say it, I'm not even giving you a chance to sell to me. I'm closing out of that browser immediately.

Now, if you've made it this far and feel slightly (or entirely) attacked, don't hate me please. I say this with love and genuinely with your best interests at heart.

❌ You're not going to achieve incredible results with a brand that blends in.

❌ You're not going to attract your ideal clients with a brand that follows trends.

❌ You're not going to confidently pitch your services to the world if you have a brand that's been built based off of another, i.e. "Well, what are they doing? Should I be doing that instead? I'll just wait to see what [x] does and follow suit"


Nooo, no, no. Please, just NO.


A few things:

A. Your designer shouldn't have delivered you a beige brand (this is a HUGE disservice in my eyes and I'm sorry if this feels triggering)

B. You shouldn't have DIY'd your branding in Canva based off a beige trend (I know it's tempting and it looks cute, but you're never going to stand out following this trajectory)

By now, you either hate me and you're smashing that 'Unsubscribe' button because I've struck a chord (again, sorry) OR you might be with me and have a burning desire to ditch this monochromatic vibes trend and enter your ✨thriving era ✨ with bold, bright, and coastal-inspired branding that screams YOU. I know which one I would want.


If you're ready to make a statement and stand out in an industry that is quite literally saturated with beige brands, then believe me when I say that following the latest trends is NOT going to help get you there.

If you want a brand that is:

✅ Original

✅ Aligned

✅ Beautiful

✅ So fking good that you can’t sleep at night because you’re so damn excited

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