3 branding mistakes that are costing you sales

For the love of branding, pleaaase stop:

❌ With the bland, beige, boring branding

❌ Choosing a pre-made colour palette (yes, I see you Pinterest scrolling)

❌ Using overused, free, or popular fonts on Canva 👀

Sorry if you felt a little personally attacked just now, but I only care for you and the success of your business. Genuinely.

I know you didn’t quit your 9-5 and take the risk of starting your own business just to blend with the crowd.

And you seriously can’t expect to actually have resounding success in business when you look and sound like e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e e-l-s-e.

Everything about YOU is unique, and the same principle applies for your business.

Your unique voice, your unique values, your unique look and feel.

It’s the one thing that’s going to allow you to stand out.

Please don’t make it your goal to do the exact opposite.




And if there's even the smallest chance that your audience might think, “Oh yep, I’ve seen this brand 1,000,000 times today”, you’re doing it wrong.

End of story.

And now that I’ve got the niceties 👀 out of the way, let me explain:

Bland, beige branding doesn’t work…

I know you see it all over the ‘gram and Pinterest and it’s so cool and chic, and hits the “clean girl aesthetic” (wtf even is that?), but bland, beige brands just don’t work.

Picture this – your client is deep in the doom scroll of finding someone to work with. Beige brand, after beige brand scroll, scroll, scroll, nothing stands out, nothing captures their attention, and nothing feels genuine. And when you run a brand that deals personally and directly with your clients, you NEED to be perceived as genuine.

Pre-made colour palettes will give your clients the ick…

This also ties in with my point above. Because all the beige brand girlies are using the same colour palette (or more like beige palette) and it just isn’t hitting the mark. Scrolling Pinterest in search of the perfect colour palette might seem like a quick and easy fix, but I guarantee they’re going to be overused and clearly lacking originality. Believe it or not, your choice of brand colours should be curated based on a special little thing called ✨colour psychology✨ (yes you’re welcome to call me a psychologist – I’ll accept it), and reflect your brand’s personality, values, and evoke specific emotions in your audience. In short, Pinterest scrolling ain’t it, capeesh?

I have a personal vendetta against Canva and I ain’t afraid to show it…

Fonts play a CRUCIAL role in your brand identity. Using popular, free fonts might seem cost-effective or easy, or worse, it’s “fun” to play with fonts every time you create a new Instagram post in Canva, but please, for the love of branding… Just. Stop. If this ⬆️ is you and you’ve ever wondered why your brand doesn’t look as polished or professional as your competitors, or you’re not attracting the right clients, I need you to take a long, hard look at yourself and repeat after me… “I’m allowed to have fun with exploring different styles in my personal life, but I will never have fun and experiment with the look and feel of my brand”.

Your brand doesn’t exist to be experimented with.

It needs to be consistent.

It needs to build trust and credibility with your audience.

If it looks and feels different every time your audience comes in contact with it?

I think you can figure that answer out on your own.

To be successful, you need to be:




Are you beige, pre-made Pinterest colour, Canva-font-using trend-follower?

No shade if you are, duh!

Let me help you.

You didn’t quit your 9-5 to hustle 24/7 and make less than enough for it


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