Getting clear on your ideal client


Sorry, not sorry, but you’re the reason you’re working with dud clients.

Clarity = Success

Confusion = Dud clients and more headaches

What am I talking about? Well, the buzzword of the entrepreneurial world, of course: getting clear on your ✨ ideal client ✨

You’ve heard it a million times, but are you still scratching your heard, wondering, “How the heck do I actually get to know them?”

Well, first I want you to know it isn’t as scary and intimidating as it may seem! Let’s break it down, shall we?

First, I recommend you start with the basics and don’t go too deep too quick and inevitably end up wanting to pull your hair out.

  1. Consider their demographics like age, gender, location, and income

  2. Couple this with psychographics (don’t get scared away by this word, hang with me) like their values, interests, and lifestyle

  3. Dive deep into understanding their behaviour patterns, challenges, and goals

And this all might seem really overwhelming but don’t overlook the goldmine of information you already have at your fingertips. Tap into existing data from your website analytics, your social media insights, or if there has been someone you have worked with recently who was just chefs kiss in every possible way, turn them into your ideal client avatar.

These nuggets do wonders in unveiling trends and patterns you might not have noticed otherwise.

The extra bonus is, these nuggets will also unveil if you’re attracting un-ideal clients and give you a kick up the butt to make changes so that the right people have their eyeballs on your business.

And just so you know I DO practice what I preach.

Our businesses are constantly shifting and evolving and last year I revisited my ideal client to ensure my content and offerings are aligned with who I want to work with.

I had one specific client in mind who when I thought about them and their project I said, “I want this kind of person to work with me ALL THE TIME” – not to mention all of my clients are amazing and I’m obsessed with all of them – but this one client, their project, our vision and values were so perfectly aligned I was constantly thinking about their project as if I was a teenager thinking about my first crush.

So, I looked back and created an ideal client avatar based on this real life client. Besides the things mentioned above, I also considered where they hang out online, i.e. if they’re Insta-obsessed, I’m not going to focus my time on engaging with people on Linkedin. I thought back to the specific problems they mentioned in our calls and what exactly it was that I was helping them with, the unique solutions and transformation I was providing that they were obsessing over.

And the rest is history.

Now, this is a bit of a condensed version of the process involved in identifying your ideal client but if you’ve never done it before, this is going to get you well and truly on the right path of never having to dread opening your emails to see an email from that client ever again.

Trust me when I say the clarity you gain in ALL aspects of your business after getting clear on your ideal client opens you up for huge success (and less headaches!).

How clear are you on your ideal client?

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