How I helped turned Corissa’s fitness biz around with strategic branding 🔥🧡


A brand that redefines cliquey fitness fads with fun and inclusivity is my type of biz 🤩

Corissa from The Move Collective approached me this year wanting to rebrand her fitness biz. She wasn’t inspired by her brand or felt that it was representative of her and her unique fitness teaching style. Not to mention she had her previous ‘branding’ (if you could call it that) done by a friend of a friend in absolutely no time at all. Side note: This is N.E.V.E.R actually going to set you up for success.

So what did we do?

We did a deep dive on her, her ideal client, all of the things that truly set her apart in her industry and we certainly DID NOT follow that beige trend we see EVERYWHERE.

Her brand necessities were:

✅ A well-defined mission that encapsulates her purpose and intentions and a vision statement that captures her aspirations and outlines the means to achieve them

These serve as the guiding lights for your business, illuminating your purpose and aspirations. They not only provide clarity for you as the business owner but also resonate with your audience, drawing them in and fostering a sense of connection and loyalty.

✅ A design enthusiast (me 👋🏼) who understands design conventions — and when to deviate from them

✅ Stunning design elements – DUH!

Logos, typography, colours, and collateral aren't just about aesthetics; they're about communication. Each element conveys a message, evokes emotions, and shapes perceptions. By carefully crafting these design elements, we ensure that Corissa's brand communicates the right message to her audience, setting her apart in the sea of generic competitors 🥱

✅ A distinctive brand voice that resonates with her ideal client

Your brand voice is your personality, your tone of voice in every interaction with your audience. It’s what makes you memorable, relatable, and authentic. By defining Corissa’s brand voice in a way that feels authentic to her but also resonates with her ideal client, we know that every communication–from social media posts to client interactions–feels cohesive, genuine and compelling.

✅ A clear set of guidelines to ensure consistency across ALL platforms

Consistency is key to building trust and credibility. When your brand looks, feels, and sounds the same across all platforms and touchpoints, it reinforces your identity and strengthens your brand presence. By establishing clear guidelines, we ensure that Corissa's brand remains cohesive and consistent, no matter where her audience encounters it.

The result?

We elevated her brand into a truly outstanding and impactful entity that STANDS OUT from her beige competitors and resonates truly, deeply with both her and her ideal client.

Corissa’s brand underwent the most incredddd trasnformation, with tangible outcomes that speak VOLUMES about her rebrand to The Move Collective:

💥 Over 50 women registering for her first ever community event

💥 Her social media following has soared to heights that previously felt out-of-reach

💥 She now enjoys a dedicated cohort of class attendees

💥 She radiates a newfound confidence and creativity, and is now equipped with the tools and knowledge to curate content that genuinely aligns with her brand’s essence and doesn’t feel too hard

Tell me, are you feeling uninspired and disconnected from your brand?


Chances are your ideal clients are too.

The first step to building a strong, scalable and successful business is nailing your branding.

Don’t listen to the comments from people in Facebook groups saying that branding isn’t important and that creating a free Canva logo is enough.

If you want to stay feeling uninspired and hitting $2-$3k months, listen to the branding-haters.

If you want to stand out from your competitors and bridge the gap between your big goals and your current reality, you know what to…

Step 1: Branding.

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